Single-use plastics and levy

Sir, – As an independent cafe owner, I applaud the Government on finally agreeing to tax single-use plastics and paper coffee cups. However, the timelines are so disappointing: 2021, 2022 and 2023 are simply too far away. We have introduced so many environmentally positive steps in our business over the past two years, such as banning the sale of plastic bottled drinks and offering used coffee grounds for compost. However, as many independent cafe owners will testify, we feel out on our own championing this crucially important cause.

The taxing of single-use items is the only way to change people’s behaviour but it’s so far away it’s really disheartening. The timelines display a real lack of awareness of the vital importance of the environmental issues we all currently face. We need action now. – Yours, etc,


Foodgame Cafe,

Beggars Bush, Dublin 4.