Sharing personal data

Sir, – I have lost count of the number of times we are reminded not to share personal data. Phishing, smishing and other internet scams are ubiquitous. We read daily of the gullible and not so gullible who have been defrauded of their savings or large amounts of money by ever-more sophisticated criminals.

In this environment, I am constantly amazed that various service companies (phone, water, etc) call me up and ask me to confirm my data for their own purposes. Do they not read their own advice?

I usually reply that they have the data already and as they have called me I do not need to confirm anything for them. I must admit to a certain schadenfreude when the unfortunate operative is nonplussed by my refusal to cooperate. There is a further bonus in that the call is terminated immediately and I am left to return to my own devices. – Yours, etc,




Co Kerry.