Sacramental teaching in schools


Sir, – It would be fair and just if Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin matched his statement on sacramental-preparation being moved from school-responsibility to family-and parish-responsibility, with a clear direction from him, as patron of the vast majority of Dublin primary schools, to demand that all such schools immediately design and implement a comprehensive “opting-out of Catholic religious-education policy” for all non-religious and minority-religious children and teachers (Home News, December 4th). The current policy fundamentally abuses their human and constitutional rights to be free from indoctrination and daily exclusion and discrimination in his state-funded schools.

He could take action today by way of a letter from his education secretariat along the lines of the assertion and urgency with which they, for example, unilaterally directed their schools to enact Catholic-first school enrolment policies in 2005 which required, in the end, state-legislation to dismantle. – Yours, etc,


Swords, Co Dublin.