Reading – books and screens

Sir, – My compliments to Paul Clements on his fine article on the merits of bookstores and paper versions of books (An Irishman's Diary, July 20th). However, there is another equally powerful way to enjoy reading and that is through the use of the electronic reader.

I have been using an electronic reader, as the well-known Harry Moore used to say, “for more years than I care to remember”. I can purchase an electronic version of any book for a fraction of that of the paper version. When travelling I can pack as many electronic books into the device without compromising its weight which means I don’t have to go into “sherpa” mode to carry my books. I can read the electronic book regardless of the light conditions since the intensity of the background light on the electronic reader can be varied at will. The font and text size of the electronic book can be customised at any time which means I’m not at the mercy of the publisher who may produce the printed version in a text size which, in extremis, might even require a magnifying glass! – Yours, etc,




Kilbride, Co Meath.