'Programming' of young minds


Sir, – For a brief moment I thought Revd Patrick Burke (Letters, July 23rd) was about to respond to Declan Kelly’s criticism of church indoctrination of children. Mr Kelly raised a serious point and it merits an answer. If Revd Burke is particularly sensitive where the Catholic Church is concerned, he should, of course, appreciate that the indoctrination of children is practised by all the long-established religions. – Yours, etc,


Philipsburgh Avenue,

Dublin 3

Sir, – Breda O’Brien (Opinion & Analysis, July 19th) and Declan Kelly (Letters, July 22nd) seem oblivious to the fact that everyone is actively programming their own mind. Whether this is done from websites, TV programmes, adverts, books, newspapers or magazines or from belief systems, each of us, as we mature, needs to challenge our belief systems and accept as fact that the Catholic Church are not the only ones who get it wrong. – Yours, etc,


Bullock Park,