Pope Francis and same-sex civil unions


Sir, – Pope Francis’s comments on same-sex civil unions are a step in the right direction (“Pope Francis backs civil unions for same-sex couples in documentary”, World, October 21st), but as a gay man and ex-Catholic, I don’t want crumbs of tolerance. I deserve full-fledged acceptance.

A couple of positive statements are a cop-out when the church he presides over teaches that I am “intrinsically disordered”.

The Catholic Church has caused horrific trauma to LGBT+ people in this country and around the world for generations.

Concrete action, reconciliation and a change of church policy are needed. Words in a documentary are not enough. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.

Sir, – While the fact that Pope Francis has publicly declared his support for the union of same sex-couples may not be of relevance for many who are no longer interested in what the Catholic Church teaches, it is, for those of us who minister within the church, really welcome news. Pope Francis’s statement has the potential to begin finally the process of updating insensitive church teaching on homosexuality in the light of a more enlightened understanding of sexuality and human nature. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.

Sir, – In light of what Pope Francis has recently said about civil unions for same-sex couples, it is highly likely that he will now be the subject of negative attacks and possibly vitriolic comment from some members of the Roman Catholic Church.

I beg those who may be tempted to go down that road to first read the Gospel for Mass for the coming Sunday. In it, Jesus answers a crucial question about what really matters, and in his answer there is no ambiguity. He tells us to love God with all we have and are and to love our neighbour in the same way. There are no qualifiers to that love. He does not add terms and conditions to loving others.

Please read it and take it to heart. After all, it is what Jesus has to say.




Co Cork.