Pass the parcels


A chara, – Your report last Thursday quoted An Post chief executive David McRedmond as saying that the record parcel volumes mean processing and delivery were “taking longer than normal” (“An Post parcel volumes to hit weekly record of 3.3 million”, Business, November 26th).

I’m afraid this is proving to be an understatement. And there is little sign that the 1,000 extra staff they say they have hired is yet taking effect. Thanks to the An Post tracking app, I can see that parcels addressed to me in Cork regularly sit for five days in the Dublin parcel hub going nowhere. Last week I received a parcel from a sender in Co Cavan which had languished in the Dublin depot for 11 days. Currently a parcel, crucial to my work, from the UK has sat going nowhere in the Dublin hub for the last eight days, even though all that time it is flagged as “sorted”.

At a time when online orders are more crucial than ever for Irish business this state of affairs is very alarming and portends disaster for many in the run-up to Christmas. – Yours, etc,