Parking and commuters


Sir, – I noticed this weekend, with dismay, the spread of double-yellow lines along Patrick Doyle Road in Milltown. This road has, for many years, facilitated hard-pressed commuters to park-and-ride using the nearby Milltown Luas Stop. It seems to fly in the face of moves to remove cars from Dublin city centre. What logic is in operation here? It is not as if this side-road has suddenly become a major artery that is being impeded by the tidily parked cars. Unless there is a very good reason for it, I see this as a callous removal of a very valuable amenity. What are all these displaced commuters supposed to do now? To force them back out into our congested city with no alternative lacks any form of compassion for the drivers affected and tactically is a serious step in the wrong direction. It is as if the council is in denial. Cars, what cars? If we make life harder for them, sure, they’ll go away, won’t they? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.