Online system of motor tax payment unfair


Sir, – Does the Government have a cash-flow problem? I paid for 12 months of motor tax online. The three-month option would have cost me €47 more per annum, the six-month option would have cost €41 more per annum.

With the bulk of payments being made online, the administrative overhead relating to processing multiple payments is surely a fraction of what it once was and yet this system persists. I imagine the majority of those paying for shorter periods do so for financial reasons and yet they are penalised for availing of this option.

Those in this situation are generally not in the market for newer vehicles that attract lower rates of road tax, so they are stuck with higher rates anyway, without adding insult to injury. As it stands, if you are less well-off, you pay more to keep your car on the road.

It is one thing to expect this approach from commercial entities (the banks being a prime example) but I see no justification for a similar approach from Government. – Yours, etc,


Stillorgan, Co Dublin.