Older people and celebrity advice

Sir, – The largely voluntary compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions is a heartening endorsement of public sentiment in the Republic. But the downside is the relentless infantalisation of older people.

I am tired hearing or watching the latest piece of advice on what I should read, what I should look at on television, how I should exercise, and what I should eat from celebrities and media personalities who have decided that they are the voices of “responsible and caring Ireland”.

Indeed the predominant tone is but a short hop from the other Ireland – the sanctimonious one. It may come as a surprise to them but normal brain functioning does not stop on your 70th birthday.

Equally the notion that a celebrity can embody a country and promote the common interest is difficult to stomach. The nature of celebrity is self-promotion. Celebrities are commodities looking for a market. It is from the selling of themselves that they make their livings. Give us a break from them.

Please note that no advice from the HSE was violated in the writing of this letter. – Yours, etc,