Obama's support for gay marriage


Sir, – Though well into my 80s, I can’t remain silent after reading your Editorial (on gay marriage, May 11th). You obviously reflect that groupthink that pervades the media today and which I experience as overwhelming. Those shouts are coming at us from all sides: get rid of the Ten Commandments, Christianity is irrelevant to our lives, get all mention of Jesus Christ out of our schools.

Though I have not much energy left, I am appalled at the anti-God poison that is in the air, about the perversity of shaping an “easy”, “gentle” type of religion with no mention of any cross and no mention of marriage coming from God the creator of male and female.

Sixty years ago, almost, when I was ordained a priest, I never imagined these unbelievable attempts, not with guns but with the print and electronic use of language, that would be made – let me put it bluntly – to tear our civilisation apart. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.