Mortgage advertisements


Sir, – I’m part of that spoiled generation who bought their homes in the 1980s with the aid of loans from haughty building societies and usually supplemented with bank overdrafts charged at eye-watering rates of interest. We also put up with the wheeze of bridging loans – waiting for needlessly delayed mortgage cheques to issue from the same banks who gleefully hoovered up the additional charges.

But now, even the prospect of enduring that tortuous route to home ownership – even if they manage to find a home – is simply beyond the generation now wishing to put down roots, and I find it unbearable to watch the endless succession of saccharine television advertisements from our less than glorious banking institutions pretending that the purchase of a new home is joy filled and effortless.

The reality is so far removed from these flights of fancy as to be downright offensive. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.