Lockdown: whose failure?


Sir, – I sympathise with Mark Paul on his excellent article on the lockdown (“If lockdown has morphed from tactic to strategy, the State has failed”, Business, October 23rd)

He outlines how the State could have managed Covid-19 better. However, he doesn’t point out that we, the people, are the State. If there has been a virus control failure, it has been due to us. We know that this virus spreads from person to person. We know how to minimise or eliminate this spread. That’s the bottom line in a nutshell.

Yes, many people did abide by Government recommendations. But not enough. If they had, this virus would have been under control months ago. From now on, could everyone in Ireland please take coronavirus control as a personal issue? Each person can save themself and save others at the same time. – Yours, etc,


Greystones, Co Wicklow.