Israel and the Eurovision


Sir, – Raymond Deane writes that there is a thin line between facts and propaganda (Letters, May 10th). He then goes on to draw a moral comparison between Likud, a democratic party that has just won a free and fair election, and Hamas, a group designated as a terrorist organisation by most western countries and one which rules without elections. Perhaps Mr Deane should heed his own advice and stick to the facts.

That no country is boycotting the Eurovision tells us that the movement to boycott is a small but noisy group that is on the wrong side of the debate. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.

Sir, – Further to the article “Israeli ambassador says call for Eurovision boycott crosses a line” (News, May 9th), as it was not mentioned anywhere in the extensive piece it is worth noting that Israel is the only state with an embassy in the country that has used fraudulently obtained Irish passports to carry out murder (“Pressure on Israel to give information on fake passports linked to Dubai killing”, News, February 19th, 2010). Talk about crossing a line. – Yours, etc,



Co Louth.