Is FF really an opposition party?


Sir, – Powersharing may have stalled in Stormont but a placid unanimity has settled over Dáil Éireann. In a time of unprecedented political turmoil, our two largest parties can find nothing to disagree about.

Commentators assure us that this love that dare not speak its name is a sublime thing. We have reached the end of history.

All we need discuss before the election is whether they shift the tax brackets an inch left or right.

If I wanted one-party government, I’d move to China.

Parliamentary democracy requires strong opposition. Ideas get tested, the bad discarded, the good improved.

The supply-and-confidence agreement subverts that, putting party over the national interest.

Leo Varadkar is simply hanging on to power.

Micheál Martin deserves less sympathy.

He calculates that deference is his route to power.

Perhaps it is, but it confirms the suspicion that Fianna Fáil still stands for nothing, and occupies space an opposition party should occupy.

The media is compliant in this farce; let’s see them keep a straight face analysing the pre-election “spats” that will erupt any day now.

We surely would have heard if there was a third party with a cohesive agenda opposed to the FG/FF consensus. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.