Sir, - Contrary to Jonathan Wilson's sentiment (May 6th) I actually agree with The Irish Times's move towards charging for its premium online content. I have used this service since its inception and, like Mr Wilson, have never understood how such a great service could be free. I now realise that the free service was always too good to be true and, as the day of reckoning draws closer, I openly confess that I am prepared to pay for your service.

Why the difference in opinion? Quite simply, unlike Mr Wilson, I live abroad and do not have timely access to the paper version of The Irish Times. This is what I believe determines the value of the online version of any daily newspaper. To many Irish people living away from Ireland there is no competition for up-to-date news about Ireland. I believe it is this audience that will ultimately make the online version of The Irish Times a viable entity that will be around for a long time to come. - Yours, etc.,


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New York,