Ireland and nuclear energy


Sir , – Ireland should consider the nuclear option as a means of power generation for the island of Ireland. We would be totally independent of imported fossil fuels, which would also bring down our emissions. The massive subsidies being paid out to the renewables sector, notably wind, would cover the cost of building a standalone nuclear generating facility. We have an ample and low-population coastline, so site location would not be an issue. France sources 75 per cent of its power generation from nuclear. Perhaps it’s the vested interests (who are deriving massive subsidies at the expense of the Irish taxpayer) in the renewables sector that are inhibiting adopting the nuclear energy option. – Yours, etc,


Kerry Pike,

Co Cork.

Sir, – Paddy Hennessy (Letters, October 5th) asks where would we build the nuclear plant? Might I suggest he invests in a “Nimby” detector. I await the results. – Yours, etc,


Ballinteer, Dublin 16.