In the aftermath of CRC revelations


Sir, – The issues raised regarding funding relating to travel expenses at CRC do not apply to me (Home News, January 16th).

I am a frontline staff member working for the Central Remedial Clinic. I am passionate about my work and care very much about the rights of children and adults with special needs, so much so that I completed a master’s outside work hours and research to benefit CRC service users with minimal monetary recognition from the CRC.

When requesting some remuneration for travel expenses related to presenting research at an international conference I was informed that due to budgetary constraints there would be no monetary support other than the conference registration fee. I accepted this as I was proud to represent the CRC, which as a day-to-day organisation is a great one, due to excellent frontline staff and the service users that never cease to inspire and amaze me.

  CRC frontline staff, like those in most other public sector organisations experience similar difficulties when it comes to acquiring time and monetary support for expenses related to continuing professional and service development and should therefore not be tarnished with the same brush. – Yours, etc,


Old County Glen,

Crumlin, Dublin 12.

Sir, – Numerous commentators have called on Paul Kiely to repay some, or all, of his €740,000 pension package (Home News, January 18th). These calls are, I believe, misplaced. If money should be repaid then it is the members of the board of the CRC, who authorised the payment, who should make the repayment. This would act as a deterrent to other boards to act in such a cavalier manner with other people’s money. – Yours, etc,



Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny.

Sir, – How come the fundraising departments in the CRC have so much money in their accounts? Why was this money not used to enable their service users have what they need (eg wheelchairs and physiotherapy)? Is this not the reason we donate to charities – to make the life of their service users somewhat more bearable? – Yours, etc,


Frankfort Park,

Dundrum, Dublin 14.

Sir, – Is it ironic that a substantial amount of the questioning and condemning of management’s recent and past behaviour at the Central Remedial Clinic is being done by people in both politics and the media who have themselves secured very generous remuneration packages over the years? – Yours, etc,


West Glasson,

Athlone, Co Westmeath.

Sir, – Your item on the charities controversy (Home News, January 18th) reports the Minister for Health as saying that the Government would use all available options open to it, including corporate enforcement and the Garda and the civil courts to try and get the money (Paul Kiely’s retirement package ) back.

Hopefully they won’t have to resort to such drastic measure to repatriate the €120,000 or so that his colleague the Minister for Finance would have received via the Revenue Commissioners as their cut from the taxable portion of Mr Kiely’s lump-sum. – Yours, etc,


St Peter’s Place,


Co Wicklow.