Howzat for a photograph?


Madam, - I was impressed with the wonderful photograph in your edition of June 13th showing Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness with broad smiles, justifiably paying tribute to Ireland's cricket team after their terrific showing in the recent World Cup.

I note that Dr Paisley, although having only one hand on the bat, has a very strong right-hand grip with his fingers and thumb in almost perfect position, if a little high on the handle. Slip his right hand down a few inches and all he'd need to do would be position his left hand so that the back of it is facing directly towards Kyle McCallon and the future of the game is safe.

Mr McGuinness, alas, has his right hand much too close to the splice and his left hand is simply shocking: weak, too high, and with his index finger pointing along the handle. Dear me!

I suggest both men ask for a net from Richard Gillis, whose outstanding reports from the World Cup and since have helped to brighten many a train journey for me in recent months. Long may he continue! - Yours, etc,

HENRY KELLY, Hampstead, London NW3.