Household waste and inspections


A chara, – I read with dismay, but with little surprise, that local authorities are beginning to check up on private households “suspected” of illegal dumping, using information given by various registered contractors (News, February 4th).

I have been living in this area of Co Wexford for the past 36 years, and I have always been able to bring my non-recyclable household waste to the local waste-disposal sites at a cost of about €180 per year, insisting on receipts whenever possible. Ultimately this is about half the amount of money I would be charged by some of these registered providers.

All our recyclable waste has gone to the centres in Arklow or in Gorey, which do not provide customers with receipts!

I live in a rural area outside Gorey, with quite a number of holiday houses and caravan parks nearby. Black bags are often left in fields or by the side of the road.

Those responsible are not registered in our area, are not necessarily poor, but are extremely mobile.

I therefore object to any attempts by local authorities and/or private contractors with vested interests to associate ordinary taxpaying householders in rural Ireland with the kind of individuals that have been involved in this type of illegal dumping for as long as I can remember.

The successful conviction of those responsible does require personnel and additional finances. However, these should not be levied on people who are already paying more than their fair share.

I have passed on my concerns to a number of members of Wexford County Council, one of whom has had the courtesy to reply and who assured me that people like myself would have nothing to fear, as I had written proof of disposing of my household waste legally.

Alas, this does not justify a proposed legislation that uses private information supplied by companies controlling the market, and suggests that if you are not registered you must be a litter-bug.

You may be registered in Tullow, Trim or Timbuktu, but you could still dump your trash in Courtown forest. – Is mise,



Co Wexford.