Home thoughts at Christmas


Sir, – The “overwhelming outpouring” (News, December 22nd) prompted by Kathleen Keyes’s letter (December 21st) is an appropriate and reassuring statement of our values as a people.

No doubt most readers, while deeply moved, will feel they can do nothing to address such tragedies. I would like to suggest one timely and suitable collective response to these tragic losses.

Cystic fibrosis is among the illnesses for which organ transplantation provides a real solution. Should you be in a position where your organs can be donated after your death, it is likely that the family members you’ll see at this time of year will be asked if your wishes were ever made clear.

This important discussion, if conducted at many dinner tables over the holidays, could lead to the prevention of similar future tragedies.

These conversations, sobering as they are, may make us reflect on what really matters and could ultimately amount to the greatest gifts exchanged this Christmas. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.