History Of The RIC


Sir, - There are a number of good books available on the history of Belfast and Derry, but virtually nothing on the men who policed these cities. I wonder if any of your readers could help me to present the story of these men?I am currently engaged in research into all aspects of the policing of Belfast circa 18401922, which includes a comparative study of Derry during this period.I have access via my university to most of the published sources - RIC personnel records and Parliamentary reports, but these official files can be fairly impersonal. Such files do not mention, for example, a man's reason for joining, his opinion of the RIC, his experiences in the force or the experiences of his wife or children. Such detail can only come from the surviving relatives of RIC men.I am therefore anxious to hear from the wives, children or grandchildren of RIC men stationed in either Belfast or Derry, even if that posting was an emergency one. I would also appreciate hearing from people who can recall the RIC (pleasantly or otherwise) in either of these cities.To present a constable's eye view of policing, I am particularly keen to learn of the existence of any letters, diaries, journals or reminiscences written by RIC men and their immediate families. Any material contributed would not be used without permission and the contributor will be fully acknowledged in any publication resulting from this research, although I will respect any request for anonymity.I will reply to all letters and pay any other costs incurred (e.g. photocopying). I can collect delicate or bulky items if required and as I am experienced in the handling and preservation of archival material, the utmost care will be taken of anything temporarily entrusted to me. I will speedily return any item once I have examined and copied it.Any contribution, however small, will be deeply appreciated. Please write to me at the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool, 1 Abercromby Square, Liverpool, L69 3BX. - Yours, etc., Mark Radford,

Abercromby Square,