Greenways and towpaths


Sir, – I have followed with interest the correspondence about the crazy suggestion of putting down tarmac on canal towpaths.

There is a simple and probably much cheaper solution – put down concrete open-matrix mats (such as those used in the lay-bys on the N11 at Loughlinstown).

These open-matrix mats allow grass and other greenery to grow through, and be mown, yet provide a firm, level, un-mucky surface for bicycles, but not skateboards! – Yours, etc,




Co Wicklow.

A chara, – As a lifelong walker and sometimes cyclist, I understand where both sides are coming from in this interesting and important correspondence.

Where the space is limited and which both have to share, might I suggest that walkers should have priority?

Of course, if we had the benefit of enlightened legislation as in other countries, thus allowing for reasonable and responsible access to our beautiful countryside for walkers, there would be less competition for the use of towpaths and greenways. – Is mise,


An Charraig Dhubh,

Co Átha Cliath.