Gathering data on Covid-19


Sir, – Mark Paul’s article “As we protect elderly let’s avoid killing future for the young” (Business Opinion, September 25th) hits a few nails squarely on the head.

As one of the elderly, I am almost as concerned now about the economy as I am about the virus and particularly about the future of our young people.

I agree with his criticism about our data gathering. What is more important than finding out as much as we can about the sources of infection? We know about places like meat factories (after the fact, unfortunately) and the resultant community transmission but, as we try to open up, we need to find out where the other clusters are coming from. Is it pubs, restaurants, house parties or whatever? This is not an “academic exercise” but a necessary step in developing our strategy for reopening the economy and making sure that we do not have an unemployed generation with all the social ills that this entails. If we have not got the money to do the proper research, we need to find it – and fast. The data and results will not be perfect, but all indicators will help to identify pathways of infection. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.