Free legal aid and the search for a just society


Sir, – While victims of domestic abuse are denied free legal aid (“Domestic violence survivors ‘should not pay for legal aid’,” Fiona Gartland, Home News, July 31st), there would appear to be no limits on the availability of free legal aid to the thugs and criminals that commit crimes.

On the same page, it is suggested that prisoners could have the right to sue the State for delays in their parole hearings. Prisoners might be entitled to compensation from the State for not getting early release, but how many victims of crime get either early release from their suffering, or compensation?

Many elderly people live in fear in their own homes, following reports of recent attacks by individuals with long lists of previous convictions.

Victims of crime are denied the help they need, ostensibly due to lack of funds, yet the criminals who commit the same crimes over, and over, and over again, continue to get free legal aid.

We cannot claim to have a just and fair society. – Yours, etc,


Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.