Cutting trees to make way for bicycles


Sir, – There is already a perfectly good cycle path in Fairview, Dublin (“Historic trees to be felled for Dublin cycle route”, Home News, August 4th). It goes through the park, sharing the man-made path with pedestrians – something common in Brisbane Australia.

This existing marked cycleway serves the same route as that proposed by Dublin City Council, ie, from Annesley Bridge to Malahide/Howth Road junctions with Clontarf Road. Adding lights to this existing route would meet safety needs during times of less light, particularly if coupled with discrete CCTV cameras.

This proposal is yet another example of Dublin City Council engineers’ dislike of trees, which they try to remove at the least opportunity. They and other city officials undo the excellent work of the Parks Department, as they do not recognise the value of trees in enhancing urban areas. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 9.