Facilities for elderly


Sir, - I agree entirely with the IMO that "step-down" facilities for treatment of the elderly are entirely inappropriate. Nursing homes may be fine where an elderly person is in good health, but never where any rehabilitation or medical care is necessary.

It is my firm view based on personal experience that the medical system in Ireland gives up on people who are elderly, as if to imply that they have had their day. How sad for a country that is now in such a strong financial position. Is every citizen not entitled to the same efforts to maintain their health and continue their life amongst their loved ones until their final day has truly come?

The country now has so much money that the Minister for Finance hardly knows what to do with it. I suggest that we hear no more about hospital bed shortages or proposals to force our elderly out into "step down" facilities which are not equipped to rehabilitate them to a reasonable quality of life in their final days. - Yours, etc.,

Garry O'Regan, Lower Churchtown Road, Dublin 14.