‘DUP’s crush on Britain’


Sir, – While Fintan O’Toole’s observation that Northern Ireland is not as British as Finchley is regarded by many as true, it must also be noted that Northern Ireland is not as Irish as Dublin South (or whatever other constituency you may wish to choose) and therein lies the problem (“DUP’s crush on Britain will end badly”, Analysis, June 17th).

If the dream of a new and united Ireland is ever to be achieved, it will require a seismic shift by all parties, which will need to be committed to the creation of a new country with a new flag and a new anthem, along with all the other trappings and baggage found in both parts of this island.

With apologies to WB Yeats, if there was an utter transformation of thinking and attitudes something beautiful may be born. – Yours, etc,



Co Tyrone.