Dublin should look to the bay


Sir, – Harry Crosbie speaks plainly when he outlines his vision for the future of Dublin (Polders and the future of Dublin, Letters, June 21st). He says: “The biggest bonus by far would be that the city would be given back sight of its bay and the sea. This link was broken with the industrial revolution. Future generations will thank us.”

A long-awaited plan for Dublin is the development of the S2S, the Sutton to Sandycove promenade and cycleway, a 22km off-road, segregated route around Dublin Bay offering unrestricted views and access to the bay for citizens and visitors alike.

While this route has been developed between Sutton and Clontarf, there is no such development through the city or on the southside through Sandymount, Blackrock or Dún Laoghaire. After 20 years of campaigning for the S2S, and despite much talk and promise by various politicians and councils, we are no nearer getting this access to our bay and the sea.

Dublin is a fine bay city, but currently it turns its back on the bay. Is anyone willing to make this change for our future generations? – Yours, etc,



Blackrock, Co Dublin.