Donald Trump and public protests


Sir, – In claiming the women’s marches of last weekend to be a “rebuke of bigotry and a call for equality and inclusion”, Charles Blow (“Beware Trump, we are dissidents; we are legion”, Opinion & Analysis, January 23rd) fails to mention that certain groups were banned from participating as partner organisations because of their position on abortion, while other groups were given centre stage because of their different position on abortion. Despite assertions and purported intentions to the contrary, it seems these marches were, in principle, bigoted, unequal and exclusionary. – Yours etc,



Sir, – Even Fintan O’Toole (January 20th) seems to have fallen into the swamp of alternative facts. Describing Donald Trump as as an “anarcho-authoritarian” who is “selling the anarchism of no government” is standing reality on its head.

Anarchists are those socialists who are also anti-authoritarian. They certainly want to end the governing of the many by a few and replace it with direct democracy where all those affected by a decision can have a say in making that decision. It would take considerable searching to find anything further removed from Mr Trump’s agenda.

Mr Trump wants a stronger state, but one which facilitates an even greater shift of wealth away from working people in order to fatten the already obese bank accounts of the billionaires.

Far from wanting to reduce or even abolish public services, anarchists have been very involved in campaigning against cutbacks and in advocating quality health, education and welfare services for all. Since the anarchist movement came into being in the 1860s they have promoted the ideas summed up in the old slogan of “from each according to ability, to each according to need”. – Yours, etc,



Irish Anarchist

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Dublin 7.

Sir, – I have amiably questioned my children’s literary choices in recent years as they have devoured one series of dystopian future novels (Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc) after another. I now understand that they were merely preparing themselves for life in the harsh world of President Trump, post-truth and alternative facts. Time, perhaps, for me to dust off Orwell’s 1984. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6W.