Sir, - On two occasions recently, I have been startled if not shocked by the vocabulary of your reporters. John Maher, writing on events at Bawnboy, Co. Cavan (issue of January 16th with Nuala Haughey, and issue of January 12th with Sean MacConnell) in his opening remarks, uses the verb "to shoot" in its transitive form, past tense. Only several paragraphs later on both days, does he qualify his comments in writing "shot and injured". What does the verb "to shoot" mean?

Lara Marlowe, reporting on Hillary Clinton's interview with Antie Sinclair for the French station TFI (January 20th), writes that Mrs Clinton "chose ... to air her conservative views on teenage sex and divorce". To what norm are Hillary Clinton's views being compared?

I would welcome and expect both greater precision and objectivity from your columns. - Yours, etc.,


Ardgillan Castle,


Co Dublin.