Dandelions – more than just weeds?


Sir, – Fionnuala Ward is enthralled for all the right reasons by the dandelions in her garden, yet it may be a leap of faith when she suggests “we love dandelions now” (An Irishwoman’s Diary, May 31st).

Replacing a green lawn with a natural sward heavily populated with dandelions, as she enjoys, may be too high a mental hurdle for some people to cross.

Benjamin Franklin once said “A place for everything, everything in its place”, so those who treasure their prized lawns should not feel any lesser by leaving the dandelions to the roadsides and the wild. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.

Sir, – Fionnuala Ward must be on her own in loving dandelions. Super-abundant this year, they are “showing their unloved hearts to everyone”, as Patrick Kavanagh so aptly observed.

Dandelions are the bane of any gardener’s life, especially when growing between flagstones, where one cannot attack their roots. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.