Covid restrictions


Sir, – Following the Taoiseach’s announcement on the news last week regarding new restrictions, some people in the hospitality industry observed that “we need a plan” because “we cannot keep stopping and starting like this”.

I could not agree more. Now, can someone please tell Covid-19. – Yours, etc,


Baldoyle, Dublin 13.

Sir – Nphet has advised the Government that no more than four families should meet in one location between now and early January. Where did this number of four families come from and what statistical evidence is there to show that limiting social contact in this way will have any effect on the spread of any variant of the virus .

Most people want to be at home at Christmas, So maybe the Nphet advice should have been, try your best to get home safely and then just stay at home. – Yours, etc,


Spiddal, Co Galway.

Sir, – I feel the Government, while asking our mainly compliant citizens to give even more, they are not fully playing their part. I would cite two main areas: First, not introducing targeted restrictions for those who refuse to get vaccinated, reflecting the danger they pose to society, and second, there is no sense that they are utilising every possible resource available to administer the third vaccine. I cannot help but recall when there was a backlog in car testing, an appointment could be made late into the night through into the early hours of the morning. – Yours, etc,


Sutton, Dublin 13.

Sir, – Some 82,300 in attendance at Croke Park; 51,700 patrons in the Aviva Stadium, and 25,600 fans in Thomond Park is fine, apparently, but a playdate between my five year-old grand-daughter and her best pal is undesirable, injudicious and unwise. The mind boggles!

– Yours, etc,


Corbally, Limerick.