Mica redress and equality


Sir, – As the majority of your recent letters have been negative in the extreme regarding the recently announced redress scheme, please let me add some balance.

Homeowners from the affected counties pay our taxes too and never complain about our taxes being used to fund Dublin Luas upgrades, Dublin infrastructural projects and the Dublin children’s hospital where the taxpayer is still uncertain of the final cost. Our government has failed us through its negligence in not upholding building control regulations and allowed for self-regulation.

The Leinster pyrite scheme was an end-to-end fully-funded redress scheme which we never complained about but yet when it comes to homeowners outside of Dublin, it’s a different story.

The building cost in Donegal is significantly less than in Dublin hence the bigger houses, and notwithstanding that, a quick surmise on Daft.ie for a 98sq m (1,054sq ft) semi-detached house in Donabate in Dublin costs €425,000, so conclusions can be drawn on Dublin rebuilding costs should this scandal arrive at Dublin’s doors which it has already in Skerries.

Through no fault of our own, the affected homeowners want also to put our message loud and clear to those opposed to a proper redress scheme. This is not a fair redress scheme due to the sliding scale flaw and other flaws lurking in the small details yet to be uncovered.

We deserve equality and justice like Leinster pyrite homeowners. – Yours, etc,


Milford, Co Donegal.

Sir, – James Beard (Letters, December 4th) wants “the actual market rate” for rebuilding a mica-affected home but doesn’t care “whether the figure is €100, €125, €150 or €175”.

Does he believe that any scheme backed by the State that doesn’t include a sliding scale or a cap wouldn’t lead to immediate inflation of any quote for the work straight up to the €175 figure, or whatever that top amount turns out to be?

Given the circumstances, his faith in the construction industry to act in his best interests and without some form of control is an inspiration to the taxpayers footing the bill.

– Yours, etc,


Finglas, Dublin 11.

Sir, – My daughter and partner rent an apartment of less than 650sq ft in Dublin for €1,500 a month with little hope of ever owning their own property and the mica campaigners expect me to be in support of their 100 per cent redress claim to rebuild houses in excess of 2400sq ft. If was April 1st I might find this funny.

– Yours, etc,


Glencar, Sligo.