Covid passports for pubs

Sir, – Ireland’s dysfunctional relationship with alcohol has been thrown into sharp relief by the debate around access to indoor dining and hospitality having been dominated by the vintners and the demands from certain parts of the population for indoor pints.

As things stand now, not only can you not get an indoor pint you cannot get an indoor cup of coffee.

Are we seriously expecting that the local coffee shop is going to start turning away families because, while one of the parents might be vaccinated, the kids are not?

Are we suggesting that McDonald’s is going to refuse entry to bunches of teenagers because they’re not vaccinated while the elderly can go in and sit down and have their Big Mac?

The idea of a two-tier society is, and should be, anathema in any republic.

And the idea that millions of small food outlets should implement such an exclusionary Government policy is ludicrous.

– Yours, etc,


Co Kildare.