Covid certificate helpline


Sir, – I share the pain of Vincent Holmes (Letters, July 27th). I spent five hours and 48 minutes on Monday trying the extra “help” line, with three separate calls lasting nearly two hours each, before I was cut off each time. During this time, I was continuously assured my calls were “very important to us”.

I despair at the prospect but I face a similar ordeal tomorrow. There must be another way. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 9.

Sir, – You state that the average waiting time for the Covid Cert helpline is more than 90 minutes (News, July 26th). This is misleading. I have rung the Covid cert helpline daily for a week. I usually ring on both my mobile and landline. The calls are terminated without warning after 2.5 hours. I ring back to be put through the same hell again. One day I wasn’t cut off after 2.5 hours and my wait time was five hours and four minutes! This helpline is a disgrace. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.