Cork Airport – flying low?


Sir, – I was delighted to learn that over 2.3 million passengers passed through Dublin Airport in September, making it the busiest September in the airport’s 75-year history (“Dublin Airport passenger numbers up 14 per cent to 2.3 million”, October 13th). Fair play.

Coincidentally, 2.3 million was also quoted in the Dublin Airport Authority’s 2013 annual report as being the total number of passengers using Cork Airport that year. The DAA’s response at that time was to set up the “Cork Airport Development Council”, which was supposed to work with management to help expand the business. Unfortunately, no joy with the management and the decline continued in 2014, with total passenger numbers dropping to 2.1 million in 2014.

Given these numbers, does anyone seriously believe that Cork Airport (the “Gateway to the South”) should continue to be run by the DAA?

If the DAA were serious about Cork, it would negotiate, at the very least, and immediately, a number of daily routes between Cork and Dublin. It makes no sense not to have a feeder connection to the second biggest city in the country.

Meanwhile the old terminal building in Cork sits idle, perhaps thinking of better days. – Yours, etc,