Climate activists are the true realists


Sir, – Maybe we should thank Mark Paul (“We may be better off if the Greens can’t hack coalition”, Business Opinion, June 19th). His attack on the Greens has provided the perfect illustration of why bringing about meaningful climate action is so difficult. He condemns what he sees as the hardline dogma of grassroots Green supporters, whereas in fact the real fanatical belief is on his side – the blind ideology of endless consumption and economic growth.

Climate activists are often told that they need to face reality, but they are simply asking society at large to pay attention to the science. And the gist of that science is that we are currently heading for global warming of at least 4 degrees by the end of this century. In other words, the sort of climate that will make civilised life impossible in many parts of the globe.

The radical measures needed to mitigate climate change do not involve “destroying the economy”.

On the contrary, if we reboot our economies in favour of people and the planet rather than the growth rate and the obscene wealth of a tiny few, we can create, globally, millions of stable rewarding jobs – in green energy, in the insulation of our homes, in public transport, not to mention comprehensive health, childcare, care-home, and education systems.

Emerging from the Covid-19 crisis, we are faced with a historic opportunity.

We can choose real prosperity for all and the preservation of the natural systems that keep us alive, or we can put the foot down and accelerate towards the clifftop.

The early indications, with billions of euro of public money pledged already to the automobile and airline industries, which are busy preparing thousands of layoffs, do not give cause for optimism. – Yours, etc,


Caen, France.