‘Brexit – they have to keep digging’

Sir, – Fintan O'Toole's column is a brilliant exposé of Brexit and its consequences ("It's the first birthday of the Brexit hole and they have to keep digging", Opinion & Analysis, December 28th). I wonder will it be taken up by the English press. It should be required reading. – Yours, etc,



Co Meath.


Sir, – It is kind of Fintan O’Toole to concern himself about the Brexit hole we must continue to dig over here in Britain – and still to be properly extended to the Irish part of the United Kingdom, it should be noted – and in a reciprocal spirit of seasonal goodwill I wonder how Ireland is recovering from its banking crisis? I can recommend a good book about that, Ship of Fools: How Stupidity and Corruption Sank the Celtic Tiger.

Seriously, it is great to know that when the new German coalition government pursues its plan for another treaty and the further development of a "federal European state" (World, November 27th) then we in the UK will not be involved in that project, and instead we can be interested spectators as the Irish Government tries to persuade citizens to vote for the final legal subjugation of their sovereign Republic, through however many referendums that may take. – Yours, etc,



Berkshire, England.