Brexit and the stupid question


A chara, – Britain is hurtling out of control towards an unplanned hard Brexit yet the House of Commons seems to think it more worthwhile to debate whether or not to condemn the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn for muttering “stupid woman” referring to Theresa May during PMQs. (He says he muttered “stupid people”.)

It’s 100 days to go to Brexit. Seriously! Theresa May called a general election and lost her majority. That was stupid. Theresa May got into bed with the DUP (against the advice of John Major and paid over £1.1bn to do it). That was stupid. Theresa May ran around Europe to drum up support from EU leaders for her deal but refused to give MPs a say so she would know where the deal stood. (EU leaders might have actually given a few concessions if they knew empirically where the deal stood). That was also stupid.

On balance, Theresa May has been stupid and she is a woman.

However, Jeremy Corbyn said he was going to put down a motion of no confidence, then it was a motion of censure and then he pulled away. That was stupid and he is a man.

As Forest Gump says, “Stupid is as stupid does” and the British people would be stupid to put up with this behaviour from either leader. They deserve better. – Is mise,


Dublin 17.

Sir, – Is there not some irony in the challenge set for lip-readers in t reading the lips of a seasoned politician when politicians seem to spend much of their time talking from the side of their mouths? Good luck with that. – Yours, etc,


Portmarnock, Co Dublin.

Sir, – I see that Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of calling Theresa May a “stupid woman” (, December 19th).

I’m really not sure that the British prime minister has too much to worry about as a result of these remarks – former minister Ken Clarke is widely credited with helping her successful election to the Tory leadership when his description of her as a “bloody difficult woman” went viral.

The leader of her majesty’s opposition can’t seem to put a foot right – it seems to spend most of the time in his mouth. – Yours etc


Bray, Co Wicklow.