Sir, - In her article about "Botox parties" (An Irishwoman's Diary, May 10th), Anna Mundow sought to amuse us with witty comments on the use of botulinus toxin as an anti-wrinkling agent amongst the upper crust of American society. She also appeared to be suitably horrified at its potential use as a biological weapon.

She omitted the much more cogent fact that this substance is a greatly valued tool for neurologists in the treatment of movement disorders, especially the terribly distressing dystonias and in some units the spasm of cerebral palsy in children.

This substance is enormously expensive. Rather than upsetting people with jocular remarks about the only form of treatment presently available for their condition, she and others with access to the wider world would be better employed in campaigning to have it freely available to all who need it. - Yours, etc.,



Co Kerry.