Articles 2 And 3


A Chara - It was a mistake to remove the old Articles 2 and 3 from the Constitution. The ongoing impasse in the Peace Process confirms that fundamental principles should not be bartered for tactical advantage in negotiations.

The gesture was well-intentioned, but it was wrong for all that. No self-respecting, free people should be encouraged by its government to renounce thefull extent of the national territory. Indeed, it is doubtful if an electorate other than one suffering a colonial hang-over could have been incited to do so, whatever the supposed advantage.

The voluntary limiting of the territory of the nation could only have been encouraged by a government lacking an awareness of the fundamental concepts and principles of nationhood. Can anyone imagine Parnell advocating such a step? - Is mise.

Liam O Geibheannaigh

Ath an Ghainimh,

Co Atha Cliath.