Arlene Foster – politics and gender


Sir, – I think it is most unfortunate that Arlene Foster has chosen to play the gender card (“Arlene Foster says calls to stand down motivated by misogyny”, January 4th).

We know that misogyny exists everywhere and needs to be constantly addressed and challenged. However, to use this in the whole “ash for cash” controversy is to seriously undermine the position of all women in public life.

Accountability in politics is essential. Whether Arlene Foster chooses to step aside or not is a matter for her and her party, the DUP, to decide. However, to suggest that “misogyny” is driving this sends the message that women cannot be challenged when they make questionable decision. This is a great disservice to all women in public life. Accountability must be gender neutral, and I think it is ironic that it is a women who is challenging this. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.