Abortion and conscientious objection


Sir, – Kathy D’Arcy decries those healthcare professionals who conscientiously object to abortion (Letters, September 25th).

Thank God for those medical personnel who refuse to participate in the evil of abortion for they are truly prophetic, in their stand and witness, against the prevailing culture of death, in Ireland and across the world.

Abortion is not – and never will be – a human right. No man and no woman has the right to destroy the most vulnerable of all of their fellow human beings.

To attempt to dress up abortion as a “human right” is to make a mockery of true human rights.

Abortion vitiates the very foundations – and every principle – upon which actual human rights are founded and stand. For by subjugating the very right to life itself of the most defenceless, to the so-called “choice” of others, abortion makes an obscene mockery of real and actual human rights.

In the past, there were those who went to war for the so-called “right” to enslave their fellow human beings. Slavery, blindly and stubbornly, refused to acknowledge the humanity of those shackled. In the same way, the abortion mentality is obstinately impervious to the humanity of the child in the womb.

It does not matter one iota what the “majority” have decided as regards legalising killing in the womb.

Thank God for the multitudes of people who will never cease to say “not in our name” to the grotesque slaughter of the helpless.

May the number of those in healthcare who refuse to participate in the killing of unborn children greatly increase.

Some are well known for hijacking words like “ethics” and “compassion”, rendering them unrecognisable, as they twist their true meaning to fit their designs.

Truth, nevertheless, will always prevail in the end.

Abortion, of its very nature, is intrinsically evil.

It is the exact opposite of – and inimical to – what human beings know to be truly moral and ethical. – Yours, etc,