‘A night at the Dorchester’


Sir, – Further to “A night at the Dorchester: women groped and harassed at ‘most un-PC event of the year’” (World News, January 24th), while hostesses at this charity event in London did not consent to being groped, or remarked upon, by men, they did consent to working at the event.

Some common sense is required when women consent to being in the midst of drunken men. Would the offended waitresses make a similar complaint at a nightclub?

Society really needs to grow up and stop clinging to this cult of victimhood and political correctness, things which merely fuel humanity’s primal nature. Before long, we will all have registration numbers stamped on our foreheads! – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

Sir, – With regard to what took place at the Dorchester hotel recently, and what takes place in numerous lap-dancing clubs across the UK (and to a lesser extent Ireland) every night of the week, are they really that different?

Both generally attract young, arguably vulnerable, women who for modest pay are required to look, dress and act a certain way, for a largely male audience?

One attracts the ire of the media and the other not (presumably because of the high-profile people and fundraising involved at the Dorchester event) but in terms of the role of women and what they were and are subjected to, are they really that different? – Yours, etc,




Co Wicklow.