A 'man tax' by any other name


Madam, – I feel violated, angry and disrespected by the suggestions of a “man tax” for Irish men. The IMF is suggesting that I will have to pay higher tax than women purely because I am a man (Front page, November 23rd).

I can’t believe how lightly this has been taken by our society, especially our media, our politicians, and equality groups like Amnesty International. This is gross discrimination and should be rejected. The IMF should be told that although we are far from perfect on equality, our goal is to work towards it, not bring in more inequalities.

Why does our society think it’s okay to treat men as second-class citizens? What if it were the other way around and the suggestion was to tax women more highly based on their gender? I’ve no doubt that this would be nipped in the bud immediately. It would be scoffed at by the media as ridiculous. It would be looked on as something from the dark ages. Yet it’s okay to contemplate disrespecting men in this way.

I’m also disappointed in the women of Ireland. They talk the talk on equality but in reality, they are happy to accept inequality as long as it’s in their favour. Inequality breeds resentment and the goal of society should be to rid itself of such.

Irrespective of the outcome, for me the damage has already been done. I’ve seen the lack of reaction from women, the media, the politicians and the equality groups. I understand that as a man in Ireland, I am totally alone.

If this war on men by Ireland is implemented, I for one intend fighting back. My tax affairs have always been whiter than white, but if I am to be penalised for being a man, then I will do all I can to reclaim what is unjustly and disrespectfully taken from me. The 5 per cent “man tax” will cost me €2,000 per annum so my aim will be to win this back. If that means buying on the black economy, I’ll contemplate such. I’ll also stop buying Irish goods, as it’s Ireland which is treating me like this. I will change to shopping in Lidl/Aldi and save maybe €20 per week on foreign food. From now on, it’s every man for himself. – Yours, etc,


Old Court Lodge,

Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Madam, – The IMF proposes a variety of cuts and lower taxes for women. Entering into the spirit of these proposals, I volunteer to cut the last letter from my name. – Yours, etc,


Wyattville Park,

Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.