Illegal dumping is a national scandal

Damage to the environment

Sir, – Last Thursday (February 2nd) we visited a normally beautiful and unspoiled beach on the coast road between Brittas Bay and Arklow, with a guest from the UK.

Arriving there, we found that clothing and other waste had been dumped there, and, from the tracks left by the dumpers, they seemed to have used a tractor.

It would seem most likely that those responsible are local to the area but have no care for it or, perhaps, themselves.

The impression that this dumping gives to visitors is dreadful, particularly as our visitor is a film-maker and photographer. The damage to the environment and the waste of materials that could, with a little care, be recycled is potentially worse. One has to wonder as to what kind of ignorance and carelessness leads to behaviour like this, particularly when there are easily available and accessible recycling facilities in the neighbourhood.


We need more exposure in the media highlighting this kind of behaviour and hopefully helping to develop ways of preventing it and repairing damage done. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.