Here’s what women don’t want to happen after the murder of Ashling Murphy

Jennifer O'Connell: ‘Stop giving us advice on how to stay safe. Stop glamourising violent men’

A large crowd gathered outside of Leinster House, Dublin to hold a vigil - organised by The National Women’s Council of Ireland - in response to the killing of Ashling Murphy (23) in Tullamore, Co Offaly. Video: Laura Hutton

In the hours and days after Ashling Murphy’s unfathomable murder this week, on a stretch of canal path named for another woman who disappeared in unfathomable circumstances, women responded with one voice. In print, on the airwaves, online, the message was unambiguous.

Tragically, I suppose, we have had time to formulate our thoughts. We were here before after the disappearance of Deirdre Jacob. After Jastine Valdez. After Marioara Rostas. After Ana Kriegel. After Nadine Lott.

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