Cat that saved boy from dog ‘throws’ ball at baseball game

California feline Tara helped with pitch after YouTube video viewed 21m times

Tara, the California cat that became a YouTube sensation after being caught on video saving a boy from a dog attack, 'threw' a ceremonial pitch - kind of - at the start of a minor league baseball game yesterday. Video: Reuters

A California cat that became a YouTube sensation after being videod interrupting a dog's attack on a boy, "tossed out" a ceremonial pitch at the start of a baseball game yesterday.

Roger Triantafilo uploaded video footage last week of a dog dragging his 4-year-old son, Jeremy, from his bicycle when the hero feline, Tara, ran to the rescue and chased the dog away .

The video has since garnered more than 21 million views on YouTube.

Jeremy, who received a bite to his leg as he was dragged off his bicycle by the dog before Tara came to his rescue, actually threw the first pitch of the minor league baseball game before handing the ball to his cat.


As the crowd at the Sam Lynn Ballpark cheered, parents Roger and Erica Triantafilo supported the cat's attempt to throw the ball to home plate by using her paw while staff from the Bakersfield Blaze baseball team used fishing wire to give the baseball the appearance of flying through the air.

The ball dropped straight to the ground, but the spectacle nonetheless drew a large crowd of “hero cat” fans to the stadium. Team staff said attendance for the Bakersfield team’s game with the Lancaster Jethawks was nearly triple that of a usual Tuesday night game.

“I was blown away. That cat is a hero,” said Tab Rowles, who attended with his daughter, Tatum. “I almost thought that there was some mechanical cat,” Rowles added.

“Being the mother, every time I watch (the video) it stops my heart for a moment,” Erica Triantafilo said. “Things could have been much worse without (Tara). We are just so thankful.”