A selction of quotes from around the world

I wanted one last game, one last look. You don't know if it will be the last time looking up at that Irish crowd.

- Striker Niall Quinn revels in the win against Saudi Arabia, which saw Ireland qualify for the second phase of the World Cup

I'm sure we'll fancy meeting the Spanish more than they'll want to come up against us. We all think we have a real chance of continuing to progress in this competition. Anything is possible.

- Fighting talk from Ireland manager Mick McCarthy ahead of tomorrow's second round clash with Spain.

It's really something terrible because it doesn't happen that the world champions go out in the first round.

- France captain Marcel Desailly after the world champions were dumped out of the competition at the group stage.

Nothing goes right any more. We had such high expectations, now we have only the economy to think about again. What a disaster.

- A distraught Argentina supporter reflects on the team's shock exit from the World Cup at the hands of Sweden.

Wow, even journalists now believe everything they read.

- Editor of American satirical journal the Onion, Robert Siegel, after the Beijing Evening News reported as fact its spoof story that the US Congress would move to Memphis or Charlotte unless it got a retractable roof.

Gross unprofessionalism and irresponsibility.

- The Stevens inquiry's description of the culture within the RUC which allowed loyalists to murder Catholics with impunity.

There is no cruelty involved in the experiment and frogs are released back into the wild.

- A Department of Education official denies that an experiment outlined in the Leaving Cert biology paper required students to have dissected frogs in class.

We did not go far enough to ensure every child was safe. Rightfully the faithful are questioning why we failed to take the necessary steps.

- US bishop Wilton Gregory apologises for the hierarchy's failure to weed out paedophiles.

We're all for sticking bad guys in the hole, but you've got to have evidence.

- An unnamed US senator casts doubt on a claim by the Attorney General, John Ashcroft, that an American, Abdullah al-Muhajir, had been preparing a "dirty bomb" nuclear attack.

We are living in a society soaked in alcohol, so if you are drinking a lot and you have a lot of money in your pocket, you are much more likely to take cocaine.

- Rutland Centre director Stephen Rowen reports an "alarming rise" in the number of young men abusing cocaine.

We spoke up 18 years ago when it was more difficult and we weren't listened to then. What is the point now?

- One of the former seminarians who claimed they were sexually harassed by the then president of St Patrick's College Maynooth, Mgr Micheál Ledwith.

It increases the scope for xenophobia if the European Union is seen as incapable of policing its own borders.

- The Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, warns an EU meeting of the failure to clamp down on illegal immigrants.